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Credible Public Health Links

Looking for credible public health resources? During this COVID19 pandemic, it seems everyone needs to suddenly become a communicable disease expert, but not sure where to look for credible information. Here are are my top 3  go-to sources that I use i …

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Are My Office Files Contaminated?!

During this COVID 19 pandemic, do you wonder if your office files are contaminated? Here’s the deal … if an office file changes hands allot or goes from office to office, it is most likely “germy”. Here’s why. Bob passed on the file to Judy, but on his …

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Stop Picking Your Nose!

With the COVID 19 pandemic in full gear, and since handwashing is the single most effective way to stop the spread of communicable disease, lets review when should we wash your hands? -often!..and at the minimum… -after blowing your nose (there are t …

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